Jose Vargas


1. Name
Jose Vargas
2. Education
Hostos Community College A.A. 2000

3. Which art medium/s do you participate in?

4. Which do you identify with the most?
As a singer because singing is my therapy

5. What is your profession?
I’m part of the general staff at Stepping Out Dance Studio

6. Your favorite film?
The Goonies represents what me and my friends are most like.

7. First concert or musical?
Cats/Ricardo Arjona (Amazing)

8. Why did you decide to be an artist and how old were you?
Music is my driving force and inspiration in life. I officially decided to pursue music seriously at 28 years old.

9. What was the reaction of your family? What do they think now?
My family is super supportive of my singing they all actually said “about Time”.

10. What was your first artistic performance?
I’d say participating in the reality show Ojetivo Fama 4 in 2007. I always wanted to go to school to study voice abroad but the responsibility of taking care of my mom for me was too great that i decided not to. Becoming one of the participants in this reality gave me that education and more. A nationally broadcasted school! No pressure there

DSC_308911. What was your professional debut?
I have done a lot of performances in my life so far but my first professional debut was when I Performed as “Roger” in “Grease El musical de tu vida” in Puerto Rico. It was great knowing that all of the skill I honed in OF4 had brought me to that next stage in my artistic life

12. Do you have a mentor, who? Who or what is your inspiration?
My mom is my mentor and my inspiration. Her life and her strength is what keeps me striving for bigger and better thing in my career and in life.

13. How do you feel working in this medium?
I feel alive when i’m on the stage. Its like a switch turn on and i’m a different person.

14. What is your most successful body of work?
I am currently in a bachata Duet by the name of Amares. Our first single was released on a compilation CD titled Bachata Underground in 2010 an till this day hold the number one spot in sales.

15. Which has the most sentimental value? the most important for you and why?
My participation in OF4 was the most valuable and important work i’ve done because I was able to give that joy to my mother knowing that my dreams of becoming a professional singer was coming to fruition on a national scale no less before she passed on in 2008

16. What influences your work?
My emotions drive the music I listen to and perform. It allows me to project the meaning of the song in its entirety. Don’t get me wrong there are songs that I don’t connect with rite away. This challenges me to dig deep and find a way to connect and take on a completely different meaning. Those moment are very fulfilling

17. Tell us about your latest projects?
I’m currently preparing to perform at the Puerto Rican Day Parade as the featured artist on the Popular Community Bank Float and on the main stage which is supper exciting to be part of this huge event celebrating my Puerto Rican heritage.

18. What are your future plans?
My team and I are working on many projects that will hopefully propel the Amares duo to international waters. but in the meantime working on getting as much exposure as we can

DSC_3084 COPY19. Does your work have any themes or topics?
Well the Bachatas that we have go through a plethora of emotions. We express the love for each other as well as the love of music in “Una estrella Alcanzar” And the empowerment of women in “Dimelo Delante De Ella”.

20. What do you think of the artistic movement in New York?
It’s amazing being in a city where there is so much cultural diversity that you cant help but be inspired to learn a new song in a different language or create a new sound from mixing different cultures. I wouldn’t want to be any where else creatively speaking

21. Which person living or dead you would like to work with and why?
This is not an easy question to answer because I have a very eclectic playlist I definitely would have loved to have gotten the chance to collaborate with Whitney Houston. She’s the main reason I got into singing in the first place. Donna Summers OMG my disco diva. Hector Lavoe, Ednita Nazario, Marc Anthony, Lucecita Benitez, Danny Rivera, among many others for inspiring me to delve into my Puerto Rican roots. Pavarotti because his voice was everything to me!

22. Do you have any cause to which you spend your time?
I am so against domestic violence because my mom was a domestic violence survivor. She wound up in a wheelchair due to it at the age of 16 years old. I never saw my mom in a wheel chair because her strength and determination to accomplish her goals was greater than her disability.

23. Who do you admire as a person?
My mom for her many years of inspiring my family, her students and everyone in the community to get an education and reach for the stars.

You can follow Jose at Twitter: @shaolin79

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