Maria Torres Emerging Artists Foundation

Maria Torres is an acclaimed Performer, Choreographer and Director with extensive experience in the Theater, Film, Television, Video and Commercial industries. I can go on and on about Maria’s accomplishments and the A-list of celebrities whom she’s worked with. Many of them, building close relationships with her.
She has an outgoing, positive, pleasant and humble personality despite her success. At the same time Maria is a tough, stern and very passionate individual when it comes to her career and projects. And she always has something in the works. Achieving what Maria has is a great example of hard work and commitment. She is undeniably a pride for the Hispanic community in New York and beyond.

182_12611491509_5550_nMaria is the greatest supporters of new aspiring artist always so willing to help encourage and develop new talent. She recently launched the Maria Torres Emerging Artist Foundation ( MTEAF) which also stands for Motivation, Teaching, Education, Action, and Fellowship. According to the website it is a “rigorous, interdisciplinary educational and mentorship program in the performing arts empowering pre-teens and young adults, from multiethnic and underserved communities, to achieve their goals as professionals in the entertainment industry. The purpose is to shape, highlight, and exhibit the exceptional talent of those artists who have unwavering dedication and a passion for their craft. The excellence comes from holding each artist to the highest standards of excellence in the performing arts.”

MTEAF co-founded by Maria her husband John O’Connor and her good friend, singer, actress Vanessa Williams. Between them, they aimed to not only provide professional training in dance, theater and voice but to also to mentor and provide moral support to its members. As part of their participation they will also receive personal character development, including self-esteem strengthening exercises and conflict resolution activities, which help them, become role models and leaders of our community. This is a much needed venue for young adults to be a part of. Many don’t get an opportunity to experience the wonderful and colorful world of the arts. The timing is perfect to attract at-risk youth, who otherwise will be inquisitive about other possibly deadly activities.
We applaud and welcome this new project and wish the best of luck to its members. If you wish to donate and/or volunteer visit their website or check out their FaceBook page and give them a well deserved like.
Since I missed the last performance at the Poet’s Den Theater in East Harlem, I am personally looking forward to the upcoming events and performances from this group.

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