Everybody wants to be somebody


Nowadays in the era of social networking and reality TV, everybody wants to be somebody. Everyone calls themselves, actors, models, producers, singers, directors, etc, specially the younger generation coming up in the entertainment business; that after a show or two, they automatically think they are a celebrity or a public figure. At times sticking their foot in their own mouths by the way the act and things they say. In order to eventually become successful when you are starting out; you cannot pick and choose your projects based on whether you feel you are too good for the part or whether you feel the part is too small or irrelevant in the production. Any work you do can potentially make you better at your craft and open doors for future opportunities. At all times you must be conscious of your level of experience, training and most importantly talent.

ACTORS: You are actor, only when you have worked in a “Professional” production and receive payment for your participation. Paid actors usually offer more than just their obvious talent to a production. Most of them are known within the industry and have a following of fans and or critics that attend their presentations. This does not included, showcases and/or productions produced from a workshop that YOU paid for. This makes you an AMATEUR or ASPIRING ACTOR.

MODELS: Just because a few photographers have taken pictures of you, it does not mean you’re a model. You become a MODEL when: you have a reputable agency or management team representing you. Your images have been published in some type of publicity campaign. You are paid for your time and for the rights to use your images. Or you have walked on a runway for a recognized designer and/or event. Otherwise, you are still an AMATEUR or ASPIRING MODEL.

SINGERS: Just because you participate in your church choir, it does not make you a singer. A choir always looks better when there is a larger group and community organizations usually allow all their members to participate in these activities. When you become a professional singer, you know your vocal range and classification as well as being familiar with various musical terminologies. You get paid for performances. To get to this level often requires professional training and studies from an accredited University or Conservatory. Seminars and workshops aid in furthering your studies or give you a basic introduction to craft. If you are not at this level you are still an AMATEUR or ASPIRING SINGER.

There is nothing wrong with being an Amateur or Aspiring artist. Everyone has to start somewhere and that usually begins at the bottom. When you truly love the art, you are not ashamed to start from scratch. This means doing any type of work as long as it’s related and it gets you closer to your dream. However, you have to be realistic on your talent, capabilities and restrictions. And be honest with yourself in order not to waste your time and that of the casting professionals. To truly become successful in your entertainment career like in any other, you must study and prepare yourself in your desired craft. No matter the path you choose. You cannot wake up tomorrow morning and believe that you will be a great artist. It takes time, preparation and experience. Let’s keep the arts moving forward and not hold them back for our own selfishness and pride.

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